At a loss

Today I have writers block. I’ve tried to write this for HOURS, and I’ve just gotten no-where with it. A combination of trying to revise for my exams, and the heat over here, are making it pretty hard to concentrate on anything else.

So, here is a little window to my internet soul, in the form of ‘websites which I visit most regularly’ – Who doesn’t, lets be honest. – For those of you who think I should have gmail or something, I don’t really care. – For obvious reasons. – Such a good timewaster. – My favourite webcomic. It’s like a soap, but good. – Because everyone should indulge the geek within sometimes. Don’t judge me. – Because everyone should indulge the child within sometimes. DO NOT JUDGE ME.

There are many others, but I’m now bored, and also very aware that I’m procrastinating. Another time maybe..

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