Other People’s Laundry

Do you notice things like other peoples laundry when you are walking? I do. I really enjoy walking because there is always something new to look at, and I never get bored.

Other people’s laundry is interesting because it can tell you so much about a person. Are the little, or big? Bright, or pastel? Outgoing or introverted? (Outgoing people put their knickers out on the washing line, and introverted people hang theirs on a clothes horse somewhere away from prying eyes). I don’t use these judgements for any purpose, and I forget almost as soon as I’ve walked by, but it’s a fun little two second game to play. I particularly like playing it in Morocco because there is so much laundry out all of the time. From sexy underwear to glittery jelabas it’s one of the most vibrant things about this place, and it’s really a lovely sight.

courtesy of The Washington Post

Of course, there are two meanings for other people’s laundry. And there has been a fair amount of other peoples troubles in my life the last few days as well.

And no, I won’t tell you. None of your business. Suffice to say that it’s been there, and I hope that those people manage to get their lives back on track despite the ridiculous and frankly, unfair, pressure being put on them by others who should know much better. If you take one thing from this (other than the laundry game) remember what other people are worth. Never treat someone like they are worth less than you.

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