The Life of Brian

Today we have baked. We have baked cinnamon buns, and harcha which are a type of Moroccan semolina flatcakes, and we’ve made home-made jam.In order to make this jam, we needed a kilo of strawberries. It was during the purchasing of these strawberries that I encountered Brian.

He began with a subtle ‘Please, please’
I looked up. There he was, sidling up to us. He’d heard us speaking English. I ignored him.
He continued, ‘Can I have you?’
I was surprised. So were my friends. I didn’t look.
‘Please madame, madame. Can I have you, for two minutes?’
I turned slightly.
‘My name is Brian. What is your name? Please?’
I told him I didn’t want to tell him my name. He moved closer. My friend made it clear he needed to leave. He slid back off again, and blended into the city streets.

We burst out laughing.

Of all the creepy men I have so far met in Morocco, I have to say that ‘Brian’ was the funniest, and the most bizarre so far. Oh Morocco. How we love you and your crazy citizens.

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