Funny Face

I feel like recently my posts have been a bit devoid of humour. It’s all very well to vent your frustration on the internet at large, or to share something deep and meaningful and hope that people take something from it. But once in a while you just need something to lighten the tone.Welcome to the world of my bucket hat.

Now, despite my quite obvious status as nothing less than a fashion icon, people seem to insistently comment in a negative way about my clothing. Yes, it is true that I wear the same purple fleece most days of the week, but who’s to say that I don’t pull it off?

In my position as a fashion icon, I feel the need to introduce people to the trends which I think show off the best in them. And I need the world to understand how stylish the bucket hat can look. It has been suggested I look like a tourist, baby, and crazy person when I wear it, but I am insistent that it is the most practical piece of headgear on the market. As you can see in the particularly attractive picture to the right, it can be worn with sunglasses (mine are a gorgeous red pair) and it conveniently covers the back of the neck, forehead and ears from the heat of the sun. And it looks damn good of course.

I seriously suggest you all get out and buy one. You might not be able to achieve the full look, without the flyaway hair and purple fleece, but you might come close to being as stylish as me, if you try hard.

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