I feel.

News to a lot of people right now I think. I actually am human, and feel.

Like I feel lonely because I have no-one my own age to talk to when I get home.
And I feel left out because everyone is going away this weekend and if I’d known, maybe I’d have tried to go too.
And I feel bad for winning the stupid game earlier, because everyone was being competitive except me.
And I feel stupid for telling anyone I felt bad, because that constitutes taking it all too seriously.
And I feel annoyed. Not saying why.

Mostly I feel lonely right now. I need a hug.

By the way, serious question (by which I mean, seriously, email me the answer to this)
– What makes me a good friend? Why are you my friend? I need to start doing this more.
– What is annoying about me or makes you sometimes not want to be my friend? I need to avoid this because clearly I do it a lot around here.

Also I’m now going to Rabat. You will hear from me again on Sunday = ) x

EDIT: Just re-read that last bit. Don’t flatter me, don’t be nice, I don’t even care about the answer to the first bit. Of course, do say nice things if they’re true, but to be honest I’d just like to work out what it is I do that means you guys are my friends, and the guys over here…kinda aren’t in the same way. I want the friendship that I have with you to carry over to them.

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