So hi there. E-mailing wasn’t going well for me. I felt bad bombarding people with e-mails, especially since the reality is that now the novelty has worn off, I am
but don’t tell anyone, ok?

Anyway, for those just joining us, I’m in Fes, Morocco on my year abroad, and despite the fact that it’s meant to be all cool, I’ve prettymuch done all the fun stuff already.

So, in aid of me finding something to do, I shall list what I have done so far.

1) Got here
2) Met the family – who are lovely of course
3) Went to school, in a pretty Moroccan villa
4) Met Si Zaim. He’s our teacher. He’s nuts and he interjects the word ‘So’ into sentences where it doesn’t make sense. Good thing he teaches Arabic really
5) Enjoyed some petit taxi rides. I would recommend these to anyone wanting to put their life in the hands of a man who wants nothing more than to have a really loud conversation in Arabic to the man sitting next to him. The road is always secondary to this. The only thing more important is using his horn inappropriately.

6) Had Tagine. You should try it, I’ll cook you it some time.
7) Became the maid because the maid had to leave, sadly. But I’ll post that story next.
8) Did some tests, two of which were ridiculously hard, and two of which were easy. So there we are.

Here is me by a big stone lion. For your amusement.

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